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African Booty Scratcha

Virtual Theatre Collaboration

African Booty Scratcha.png

African Booty Scratcha is a collection of select poems written by Lester Eugene Mayers. His work explores the identity of Blackness - by giving an insider look at the Black experience, experiences that are not too often praised. 

In the words of Lester, "he uses the Black vernacular to write through feelings and welcomes the reader to challenge their ideas in language and the styling of beauty."

*Image taken from Lester Eugene Mayers' website

This project was a virtual collaboration between theater artists across the world. We would meet on video calls at least twice a week, and we completed the entire production process in four weeks. As designers, we were tasked with to come up with two separate design concepts - one that aided in the reality of our video production, and a second that showcased our designs if we were able to stage this show in a physical theater space. 

Light Renderings

(drawn over scenic renderings - provided by scenic designer)

696 macon street - Light Rendering (1)

Opening Moment

696 macon street - Light Rendering 2

Final Moment

VTC's Production of

696 macon street by Lester Eugene Mayers

Written By:


Scenic Design:

Costume Design:

Sound Design:

Video Edit:

Lester Eugene Mayers

Ahmanee Simmons

Natasha D'Amico

Juliann Page

Germán Martínez

Max Evanega

Visual Research

(Emotional and Conceptual)

ABS - Lighting Visual Research (v1).jpg

Light Plot

(In-The-Round Theater Space)

LIGHT PLOT - 08.11.2020-VTC_AfricanBooty
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