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THTR 357 - Advanced Lighting Technologies

Memorial Auditorium 2020

Montclair State University

In Spring 2020, my drafting class was tasked with drafting Memorial Auditorium from scratch:

• Starting with measuring the physical space

• Drafting it in Vectorworks

• Creating a Rep Plot

• And creating supplementary paperwork for a complete drafting package

• The following images are select files from my final drafting package •

Light Plot

1. [LP]

Section to SL

2. [SECTION] ECG_20.05.04-MemAud2020_v20

Channel Hookup

4. [CHANNEL HOOKUP] ECG_20.05.04-MemAud2

Instrument Schedule


Magic Sheet

10. [MAGIC SHEET] ECG_20.05.04-MemAud202
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