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THTR 261 - Digital Rendering for Theatre/Performance Design

Same Time, Next Year

Conceptual Costume Design

Same Time, Next Year is a romantic comedy that takes place over the course of 25 years. The plot follows the development of an emotional connection that spurred after an initial one night stand.

In Spring 2020, my digital rendering (photoshop) class was tasked with reading a play, going through the process of clothing and period research, and finally, designing the underwear, daywear, and outerwear for the two main characters. The professor assigned each student a scene which required us to have research for the specified year.

Doris - Act One, Scene One

Doris - Underwear
Doris - Daywear
Doris - Outerwear

George - Act One, Scene One

George - Underwear
George - Daywear
George - Outerwear

Visual Research

Doris - 1951 Research Board
George - 1951 Research Board
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