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Montclair State University

Memorial Auditorium

Lighting Design:

Asst. Lighting Design:

2nd Asst. Lighting Design:

Nikki Belenski

Joey Messana

Emily Clare Gocon

Music/Lyrics By:

Book/Lyrics By:


Scenic Design:

Costume Design:

Sound Design:

Mark Hollman

Greg Kotis

John Hously

Jaime Mejia

Amanda Granieri-Frank

Michaela Pietrinferno

For Urinetown, I was the 2nd assistant responsible for spotlight tracking paperwork and calling spot cues throughout tech rehearsals. At the beginning of the process, I created a iris guide and symbol key to help the spotlight operators get familiarized with the symbols and actions that would be found on the cue sheet.

Prior to tech, I created a template on Microsoft Excel for the master tracking sheet along with the individual cue sheets. Each were a part of a single workbook that were connected by formulas to make updating changes easier. 

During the performances, the spotlight operators used their individual cue sheets to run the show.

Followspot Key - Iris Sizes.jpg

Iris Guide and Symbol Key

Followspot Key - Legend.jpg

Master Spot-Tracking Sheet

Urinetown - Master Spot Tracking (v7).jp

Spotlight Cue Sheets

Urinetown - Spot 1 (v1).jpg
Urinetown - Spot 2 (v7).jpg
Urinetown - Spot 3 (v7).jpg
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